20 Feb 2011

About Tefl & Tech

I am an EFL teacher who loves using technology and especially moodle.  I have chosen to move my blog from a previous host to blogger, so here is the first post as published on the previous blog.

Another blog? That’s what most of my friends will say once they see this. Although I barely have enough time to read all new posts on my blog roll and rarely post on our school blog, I have been thinking about creating this blog for some time. There are so many things that I learn every day about TEFL and Tech through my PLN and of course surfing the net that I thought I should write about them. The problem though was that most local readers wanted posts in Greek and few PLN friends are Greek.  Then there was the problem of content . Parents and students are not interested in reading posts for teachers. So here it is … my “keep it short and simple blog on TEFL and Tech”.

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