21 Feb 2011

Turn video clips into quizzes

ESL Video is a great site for creating video quizzes. Follow these simple steps to create a video quiz out of your (or your students') favourite song.

  1. Register at http://eslvideo.com
  2. Select "Create a Quiz" and fill in the details.You will need the embed code of the videoclip and a thumbnail image of the video. Youtube is the most popular source for videos.
  3. Now you can start creating questions. Add the transcript and notes if you wish and you're ready. You can edit the quiz at any time by accessing your account.
  4. Copy the embed code to embed in on your blog or website (a great idea for moodle users) or create a class within the eslvideo.com  site to access your students' scores.
Take a look at two video quizzes created for our students.

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